The Tyranny of Small Things in Barack Obama's America

At first they came for the school vending machines. Then they came for school pizzas. Then kids across America decided they’d rather starve during the day than eat the crap Michelle Obama insists they need.

Liberals everywhere fretted that our children must be racists with no taste to reject fiats of Michelle Obama and the food police. The fat kids need to do it for their own good. But now, dear liberal foodies, the Obama food police are coming for you and your stinky cheese.

“Roquefort… along with raw-milk versions of Morbier, St. Nectaire and Tomme de Savoie” and possibly imported parmesan are all getting banned by Barack Obama’s FDA. Why? Well, “these cheeses and many more landed on an FDA Import Alert because the agency found bacterial counts that exceeded its tolerance level.”

That’s good you say! We should not get sick from our stinky cheese. Except, the cheese wheels “are flunking now because the FDA has drastically cut allowances for a typically harmless bacterium by a factor of 10.” See, the recipes and procedures have not changed. The cheese today has the same level of bacteria it had last year. But your beloved big government has decided it is for the best that you stop eating it.

Anyone who knows anything about cheese knows American parmesan, for example, is terrible. It has a much higher salt content and and less tang. Imported parmesan is often unpasteurized. The FDA thinks that is a bad thing.

This is the logical outcome of voting for Barack Obama. The IRS under President Bush was not randomly targeting liberals and liberal interest groups for audits. The EPA was not out to shut down guitar companies for using trees from overseas. And the FDA was not banning food.

But when the Chief Executive Officer of the United States government starts telling people the Republicans are their enemies and his wife starts demanding dietary changes, well the totalitarians of the bureaucratic state know they have much freer rein to shut down liberty. The President of the United States sets the tone for even the bureaucracy. They are not scared of this President so they have stretched their legs.

The bureaucracy handles the small things. And the feds are now expanding their tyranny of the small things to tell you what you can and cannot eat, what you can and cannot drink, and will over time expand that tyranny further. It is the bureaucracy’s nature.

And they, dear liberals, are coming for your stinky cheese. You have only yourself to blame.