Top Fundraiser for Jason Carter (D-GA) Wants Carbon Tax. Calls Opponents to the Idea "Nutcases".

Jason Carter is the Democrats’ nominee for Governor of Georgia. His top fundraiser flew to Aspen, CO on Tuesday to champion a carbon tax to fight “global warming.”


Carter’s fundraiser also called those who oppose destroying the economy to deal with global warming “nutcases.” Do not be surprised. Jason Carter’s top fundraiser also recently called Hamas a legitimate political actor and accused Israel of war crimes.

Carter’s top fundraiser, according to his campaign, is history’s greatest monster himself, Jimmy Carter.

The question now is whether Jason Carter agrees with his grandfather that we need a carbon tax. Carter, that would be Jason, not the guy rabbits hate, was asked how he intended to add an extra billion dollars to Georgia’s education budget. He said he did not want to raise taxes “yet.” Wonder about for global warming. Or is Jason Carter a nutcase?


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