Hollywood Cannot Save Their 'Abortion Barbie'

Poor ol’ Wendy Davis. She wore her pink sneakers and filibustered pro-life legislation. The media made her a national hero for kid killers. And they she had to do something besides look pretty and filibuster. It all started falling apart.

Turns out she claimed in court she had mental health issues related to press stories. Then her campaign started attacking paraplegics. Then there was the divorce issue and how she handled custody. Then it was the use of the Texas Senate as a piggy bank for her career.

By the time the anniversary of her star making filibuster came around, she had to abort the fundraiser commemorating it.

But along the way, much of the media treated her fundraising totals as spectacular. The media merged Wendy Davis’s campaign fundraising with that of Battleground Texas, an outside group set up to help her. The headlines were spectacular and false. And now the media won’t even give her credit for that.

Turns out Greg Abbott is vastly outpacing Davis and much of her spectacular haul was in in-kind contributions. Davis has a spectacular list of Hollywood stars funding her campaign: Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Garner, Matt Damon, Leonard Nemoy, Barbra Streisand, Tom Hanks, etc.

They’ve latched on to their pink shoed heroine who stood up for the right of women everywhere to have kids skulls cracked opened and their brains sucked out. Hell of a thing to be a national star for. But that’s how she made her name. Once she got labeled “abortion barbie” she couldn’t really distance herself from her singular accomplishment.

It turns out the people of Texas don’t really want to vote for a woman whose claim to fame is abortion rights. Hollywood does. The national media does. But Texans? Polls show they’re taking a pass. Greg Abbott leads Wendy Davis even among women. And Davis’s money stream is slowing down.

I’m sure she’ll make a great replacement for Ronan Farrow on MSNBC.