Gary Palmer is the Conservative to Support in Alabama

Gary Palmer and Paul DeMarco are in a runoff in Alabama.

Interestingly, Paul DeMarco is using a quote from a post at RedState to attack Gary Palmer.

What DeMarco is not saying is that RedState has endorsed Gary Palmer. We stand by Gary Palmer. As you all know, for a number of reasons, Gary was not my first choice. But he was always my second choice. None of here have ever questioned his conservative bona fides. But we have questioned Paul DeMarco’s.

We endorsed Chad Mathis. Chad Mathis lost and Chad Mathis has joined RedState in endorsing Gary Palmer.

The reason is simple — we don’t worry about Gary Palmer in Congress. We are deeply worried about Paul DeMarco. We know Gary Palmer will side with conservatives, oppose tax increases, and avoid the tentacles of the crony capitalists.

We are certain that Paul DeMarco would be just another marionette whose strings are pulled by the crony capitalists and the Washington institutionalizes who have gotten us to $17 trillion in national debt.

If you are in Alabama and you live in the 6th congressional district, you can stand with conservatives and support Gary Palmer or stand with the crony capitalists and support Paul DeMarco. There is a clear choice here and it is time to choose.

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