What Dana Milbank Does Not Tell You

If you read this piece by Dana Milbank you’d think the Heritage Foundation was going off the rails on Benghazi and waging attacks against muslims. Of course, neither it nor the organization that borrowed Heritage’s facilities, is doing so. Nonetheless, the left and Dana Milbank want to paint prosecutor Andy McCarthy’s group as racist and also the Heritage Foundation.


Mind you, what Milbank does not report, is that the panel on Benghazi at the Heritage Foundation was not actually a Heritage Foundation event. Another group, the Benghazi Accountability Coalition, borrowed a room at Heritage in the same way I sometimes have borrowed their radio studio to do my show.

But what’s more, Milbank relies on the account of “Saba Ahmed, an American University law student,” who is the aggrieved victim of his piece. She’s a moderate, caring Muslim girl targeted by the group because she is Muslim.

What Milbank does not tell you is that Saba Ahmed is a family friend of Mohammed Osman Mohamud, the convicted Islamic bomber who tried to blow up Portland, OR in the name of jihad.

Milbank also does not tell you Saba Ahmed has been arrested for stalking and her family claims she was diagnosed with a mental disorder. She’s also been active at Occupy rallies denouncing American war efforts. She has made opposition to the American war against terrorism a key part of what she does. And she took to Heritage to hijack a conversation on Benghazi, turning it to her issue, which had not even been a topic of conversation.

Oh, and Milbank does not tell you that, in response to Saba Ahmed’s interrogatory about the war on terror, Frank Gaffney and the other panelists went out of their way to make it clear they do not think all Muslims are the problem.

“You have lots of Muslims who don’t follow that program and may not even know what it is about,” said Frank Gaffney is relationship to muslims who are not involved in an ideological war for jihad. Heck, Gaffney even agreed with the premise of Saba Ahmed’s question, i.e. that we need to fighting the war against terrorists as an ideological struggle.


As Brigitte Gabriel notes in her response to Saba Ahmed, the panel discussion had not dwelled on Muslims or jihad. It had focused on Benghazi. It was Saba Ahmed herself who decided to steer the conversation to a war on Islam and attacks on Muslims. She hijacked the discussion for her own agenda. The panelists responded. Predictably, and no doubt coordinated among the left, it was then used to attack Heritage.

Finally, it is worth noting that Saba Gabriel is identified as a law student. She is actually a lawyer, but now working on her LLM. She is also an engineer and has an MBA. She’s not exactly a shrinking violet, but then it is always useful for the left to do things like this as they work to discredit any conversation about Benghazi.


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