Gary Palmer for Alabama

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There are races in Alabama headed into runoffs. One of those is Gary Palmer in Alabama’s 6th congressional district. Gary was my second choice in the primary. My first choice blew himself up. Gary ran a far better campaign and made it to the runoff.


Here’s all you need to know about Gary — he will tell his own side no and there are no guarantees that the other guy will. As House Republicans rally quickly to claim Eric Cantor’s loss was an anomaly and they move rapidly to consolidate behind the even more liberal Kevin McCarthy, Gary Palmer will be willing to stand up to his own leadership and tell them no.

In Alabama, Gary has been involved in transitioning Alabama from a People’s Republic of Democrats to a free market, limited government system. He has been a conservative ideas man at the Alabama Policy Institute. He has been willing to stand up to Republicans in Alabama and will, no doubt, do the same in Washington.

So support Gary Palmer for Alabama. We need more Republicans who won’t just promise to tell their leadership no, but actually have a proven record of doing so.



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