Ted Cruz, It Is Time for You To Listen

NRA Gathers In Houston For 2013 Annual Meeting

We here love Ted Cruz. He is a friend. He has been to every RedState Gathering. He is just an awesome guy. But it is time for him to listen.

For the past two years he has been telling America to make DC listen. It became a clever hashtag. He got his picture with that hashtag at a RedState Gathering. At the Texas Republican Convention recently, his booth had #MakeDCListen as a banner.


Ted, did you see Virginia last night? We are making D.C. listen. We are working really hard to send an army of conservatives to D.C. to help you. But frankly, with the exception of that Iranian ambassador thing, you really have not done anything since #MakeDCListen.

It’s time for you to listen.

We have been doing all you’ve asked. Conservatives are out voting for you in straw polls and voting for fellow conservatives. But we can’t help notice that outside of Texas, you’ve only endorsed two people for the Senate — Ben Sasse and T.W. Shannon. That’s it. In both of those cases it took you forever to come in. Virtually every other conservative was already on board each one.

I thought you were leading, but it looks more like leading from behind.

You said to send more conservatives to Washington. We are doing that. You seem more concerned with your win-loss record. Rand was willing to stand in North Carolina with Greg Brannon. You? Not so much.

Last night in Virginia, conservatives shocked the national political press and Washington by ousting Eric Cantor in favor of a Ph.D. in Economics. Virginia conservatives are listening. They want to make D.C. listen. They want to help you. But they can’t help if they don’t know where you want to go or what you want to do. And they won’t help if you listen to the siren calls of millionaires now trying to hitch their wagons to you, but who whisper softly that you must moderate.


And they are not going to listen to Ivy League conservatives who’ve hitched their wagon to a fellow Ivy Leaguer, but who lack your ability to connect to the grassroots. The base wants you.

Right now, the very people you inspired to make DC listen are working their asses off in Mississippi for Chris McDaniel. They see the establishment trying to beat conservatives in the House. They see elected Republicans doing that. They see the establishment working behind the scenes furiously to stop conservatives.

But they don’t see you leading the charge. They don’t see you responding.

Ted, it’s time for you to lead. #MakeDCListen was so 2013. It is time for you to go to Mississippi, get Chris McDaniel across the finish line, and #MakeDCFear. You’re either leading or you’re Cantoring your way into the White House. Last night we saw how well that strategy works.


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