Go See Godzilla

I guess I am just going to start reviewing all the movies I go see. So this week, let’s dig into Godzilla. I liked it, which must mean Sonny Bunch will hate it. [UPDATED: I WAS WRONG!!!! Sonny Bunch likes it. He really likes it. So now you must go see it. It has to be better than the rock monsters in Noah because we both liked this movie.] Now, to be sure, do not go see Godzilla if you want deep intellectual stimulation. But I had a crummy day yesterday and watching monsters fight each other was pretty fantastic. And Bryan Cranston makes awesome faces.


Look, there are enough plot holes to swallow all the water spilled out in Noah. How does a soldier who deals in ordinance know how to do halo jumps? Why are monsters eating nukes instead of just going to eat some power plants? Why is Godzilla so freaking awesome? Did I mention Godzilla, the monster, is awesome? I am not kidding. He’s the Godzilla of our childhood revamped for the 21st Century. And his roar is great.

There were very few scenes of downtime where I lost interest. Most of it kept me engaged. One way they did it is the cinematography. I have written before that I like movies or don’t like movies and don’t get excited or engrossed in things like cinematography or the allegories and allusions to political narratives some see.

But in IMAX 3D one could not help but appreciate some really, really beautiful cinematography. So much of the movie and earth shattering spectacle is appreciated by looking up close at the facial expressions of others. Or, as in one scene, we witness horror unfolding through the windshield of a car as the windshield wipers pass repeatedly.

The movie is an homage to the originals. The advertising was based on the original stylings. Several shots of Godzilla himself were clearly framed to be of the original. There are tie-ins to Japan and, when in San Francisco, to China Town.


I just really liked this movie. It was a great escape from a crummy day. There was a lot of clapping and cheering in the theater. The movie was not filled with F bombs or blood, guts, and gore. There was just some intense fighting by monsters and helpless humans doing what they can to survive and try to control the fury of a nature really controlling them.

Go see it. But it is too intense for kids.


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