Justin Brasell, Tom Cotton's Campaign Manager, Puts Ben Sasse's Daughters in an Ad. To Attack Ben Sasse.

Tom Cotton’s campaign manager, Justin Brasell, just placed a hit job on Nebraska airwaves against Ben Sasse. Cotton, who is running for the U.S. Senate from Arkansas as a Republican, apparently has no problem with his campaign manager moonlighting to attack another Republican.


Cotton’s campaign manager, however, is using video of Ben Sasse’s daughters in an attack ad against Sasse. Even more bizarre, the clip of his daughters is just so random. It makes no sense in the advertisement.

Cotton’s campaign manager, by the way, used to run Mitch McConnell’s campaign and his Super PAC that bought the ad is also managed by the guy who ran McConnell’s Super PAC.

Mitch McConnell denies any responsibility, but with a crappy ad like that using video of a candidate’s kids, would you want to take credit?

Update: After posting this, Justin Brasell left the PAC. In other words, after making his media buy to attack Ben Sasse, Justin Brasell tried to disassociate himself with the PAC. Remember, Tom Cotton’s campaign manager did this and Tom Cotton is keeping the guy on the payroll.


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