Thus Ends the Campaign of Shane Osborn

The 60 Plus Association has decided to get into Nebraska. One of the sub-surface issues in the race is Shane Osborn’s military record. Osborn, you may recall, piloted the plane the Chinese forced out of the air shortly after George W. Bush became President. What you may not know is the rest of the story.


Osborn associates have been circulating a fabricated memo designed to clear up any implications that Osborn handled himself improperly by landing a plane full of classified technology instead of ditching in the ocean. Osborn took responsibility for the situation related to the memo.

The issue died. But 60 Plus is raising the issue in probably the hardest hitting ad, just as Osborn is training his fire on Sasse. Of course, this could all work to Sid Dinsdale’s advantage. Dinsdale, who calls himself “a life long Republican,” has a documented history of giving contributions to Democrats.

In any event, here’s the ad.


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