Race War to Victory

The Democrats do not have an agenda to run on in 2014. And contrary to the prognostications of the left, no doubt consoling themselves, Obamacare is not going to sink the GOP. In fact, the Republican Party, like the Democrats in 2006 and the GOP in 2010, can run as the party of “NO”. Most Americans are tired of Barack Obama, they are tired of the Democrats’ controlling the levers of government, and they are ready for a change.


The only card the Democrats have left to play is race. Mind you, this is not a card they will play to victory. But it is a card they will play to mitigate damage. We are already seeing it and it will be combined with the “War on Women.”

The Democrats need to turn out single women and black voters to hold on to the Senate in close races. But single white women are signaling they are tired of the Democrats. Likewise, Hispanic voters are surprisingly amenable to not sticking with their coalition. They may not vote Republican, but they might just stay home.

That leaves the only reliable portion of the Democrats’ voting coalition — black voters. But black voters historically do not vote in off year elections as much as in Presidential elections. Additionally, in 2010, Barack Obama could not turn them out despite his best efforts.

The Democrats will take a calculated risk of inflaming racial tensions in the country in order to get black voters to the polls.

Just the other day, liberals declared air pollution racist. If black voters do not support the Democrats, the Republicans will poison their air.

Dana Milbank, the liberal columnist for the Washington Post, claims the GOP is going after Eric Holder because of racism. He claims the GOP went easy on Sebelius because she is white, but are hard on Holder because he is black.

Eric Holder himself is blaming Republican racism for his problems. If black voters don’t stick together, the Republicans could take the Senate and compound their racism against him.


And then, of course, there are the perennial claims by Democrats that Republicans will impeach Barack Obama if they take back the Senate. Some Republicans naively play into the Democrats’ hands on this one. But it is not a serious threat from them. Democrats have a vested interest in now treating it as such.

Claiming there is a war on women, Democrats will try to drive up the single female vote in 2014. Claiming the GOP will never fix our immigration problems, the Democrats will try to drive up the Hispanic vote. But most importantly and critically, the Democrats are going to scream racism at every opportunity. They may see the numbers of single women and Hispanics go down, but they hope to drive up black turnout.

It is the only way for the Democrats to mitigate their coming disaster in November. From now till then, watch the Democrats friends in the media play up the racial angle of every news story possible. It’s their only hope.


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