If You Really Support GOP Unity, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Ken Buck was RedState’s choice for Senator in Colorado. The Colorado GOP was having trouble unifying. Ken had high name ID. He was close to the incumbent Democrat in the polls. But the party was still divided.


So Ken decided to switch places with Cory Gardner. Gardner, a Congressman running for re-election, stepped up to the Senate race and now Ken has stepped into the congressional race. Gardner is endorsing Ken. RedState still supports Ken Buck, just now for Congressman.

And everybody in the GOP was happy. The system worked. The Republicans rallied. And everyone went on their way.

But Ken still needs our help. The district is Republican. The district is conservative. So now we need to help Ken Buck get elected. He still has a primary. He is the front runner. But switching from the Senate race to the congressional race shook up his campaign.

Will you contribute to Ken? He did the right thing for the GOP. Now let’s do the right thing for him. Give what you can as soon as you can.


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