Right-Wing Mobs? No, A Cleaning Crew.

I was not with Ann Coulter in her support of Chris Christie for President. And it took me a lot longer to get to Romney. Ann went to him once it became clear Christie wasn’t running. I waited till all the others were eliminated. But I like Ann and I find myself with her more often than not. But not with her defense of Mitch McConnell.


In her syndicated column, Ann defends McConnell’s record on immigration and refers to RedState’s posts on McConnell as “nonsensical jeremiads against McConnell on the RedState blog.” I am glad she’s reading us. But I think Ann makes some errors about Mitch McConnell and glosses over some key details.

First, Ann refers to Mitch McConnell as the “the Ted Cruz of campaign finance laws.” McConnell has also been a great warrior against campaign finance reform. He should be commended. But one issue does not a hero make. Further, as Larry Pratt of Gun Owners for America has pointed out, when McCain-Feingold made it to the floor of the Senate, McConnell pressured other Republican Senators to just let him handle it. He decided on a lawsuit strategy, let the legislation pass, then took it to the Supreme Court. He lost his case.

Let’s also remember that McConnell managed the Republican opposition to the Motor Voter Bill back in the early nineties because it would empower ACORN. McConnell refused to support or even organize a filibuster of the motion to consider the bill, thereby letting it get quickly to the floor.

There is, of course, Obamacare too. Yes, yes, we know that every Republican opposed Obamacare. They all voted against it. But as Senator Kyl noted of the Republican strategy to shut it down, “Actually, I think we can be fairly upfront about it. Our strategy is not actually to delay [but] to have a lot of good amendments and highlight the problems in the bill. It is not our strategy to somehow slow things down.”


Ah yes — messaging it to death. McConnell has a pattern of trying to message things to death.

Then, of course, there is Ann’s accusation that the Jim DeMint created Senate Conservatives Fund probably receives donations from the New York Times. The Senate Conservatives Fund, of which I am a proud supporter and donor, receives millions in small dollar donors from conservatives across the country who were most likely not Chris Christie fans and most assuredly did not go immediately from Christie to Romney in the 2012 campaign.

Finally, while I appreciate the review of Mitch McConnell’s legislative record, there’s that other record that is less convenient. No, no, not the multiple votes to increase the debt ceiling. No, not the multiple votes that funded Obamacare. No, not McConnell’s vote opposing returning power to the states to control their own highway programs. No, I’m not even referring to Mitch McConnell’s vote to send the Senate’s amnesty plan to the floor of the Senate for consideration — something he could have rallied his side to oppose through a filibuster.

Instead, I’m talking about the candidates McConnell has supported instead of the conservatives.

Would Ann have preferred Trey Grayson over Rand Paul? Grayson is now working with an anti-gun Democratic super PAC to elect Democrats. Mitch McConnell supported Trey Grayson.


Would Ann have preferred Charlie Crist over Rubio? She and I certainly did not like Rubio’s immigration plan — the one McConnell voted to get out of committee to the floor of the Senate. But would she have preferred Charlie Crist, who was and remains to the left of Rubio on the issue? Mitch McConnell supported Charlie Crist.

Would Ann have preferred Arlen Specter to Pat Toomey like Mitch McConnell did?

What about David Dewhurst over Ted Cruz?

What about Bob Bennett? Does Ann think conservatives, led by the Senate Conservatives Fund, should have left in the Senate the Republican who helped author the federal individual mandate that went into Obamacare? His replacement was Mike Lee. Would Ann really join Mitch McConnell wanting to keep Bob Bennett in the Senate over Mike Lee.

I realize Ann Coulter likes McConnell more than me. She’s entitled to her opinion. I realize many of you think he is far better a Republican leader than I do. As the man who helps steer lobbyist dollars to get candidates elected, you all think McConnell is a solid conservative. Why is he steering dollars and support to men like Charlie Crist, Arlen Specter, Trey Grayson, David Dewhurst, and Bob Bennett? McConnell may be voting the way you all want on the votes that matter to you, but he is clearly and indisputably working to get other men elected whose votes you’d despise in states where more conservative challengers could easily win and have won.


Maybe McConnell is as conservative as you think and I am wrong. Or maybe he is voting how he thinks he must vote to win re-election, while stacking the deck against conservatives behind the scenes. Senator Crist, anyone? McConnell staffers even left McConnell’s office to go help that guy get elected.

There’s no right wing mob on the march. There’s just a cleaning crew. If we don’t clean up our own side, the general election voters surely will. 2006 taught us that.


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