Explained: The Media's Light Touch Toward Barack Obama

Media Clowns

I think I now have the prevailing and ultimate theory regarding the media’s light touch toward Barack Obama.

Yes, to be sure, they are liberals and Democrats. I’ve long documented how often “objective” reporters for the Washington Press Corp came over from liberal organizations and now feign objectivity. But with the revelation that Mark Murray is married to the FAA Chief of Staff, we need to be more specific. Murray is the NBC senior political editor who declared the Remsburg story in the State of the Union to be about the God-man Obama himself.


Given the Obama economy and people’s inability to get jobs, the Washington press corps must go lightly on Barack Obama. Were they to push too hard, their spouses could find themselves on the unemployment line and they would be forced to give up luxuries like hipster living in Dupont Circle and Chef Week DC.

They cannot afford to probe too hard because they cannot afford the single income that might occur when their spouse gets canned.

This really is Chicago politics. Well played, Mr. President.


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