An Orchestrated Media Hit On Ken Buck

As I type, the left wing media is orchestrating a hit job on Ken Buck in Colorado. The left wing propaganda machine has taken a quote wildly out of context and driven it to national attention through a series of websites, including a 501(c)(3), the Huffington Post, and the Denver Post. Steve Benen, writing for the Rachel Maddow Show site, has also picked up the fabricated story.


Ken Buck is pro-life. He doesn’t vacillate on the issue of life and understands the right to life to be fundamental and worthy of defense. Because Ken Buck doesn’t want to see our nation continue the slaughter of innocents in the womb, the extremists on the left believe he deserves to be destroyed.

All of this is known and has been known since Ken Buck ran for the Senate in 2010. His position hasn’t changed. So what could possibly have the left so up in arms about Ken Buck?

While doing a radio interview on a Denver station Ken Buck was asked a question about abortion and went on to provide an answer that was empathetic to the idea of wanting control over one’s own body.

“I am pro-life,” Buck said. “While I understand a woman wants to be in control of her body – it’s certainly the feeling that I had when I was a cancer patient, I wanted to be in control of the decisions that were made concerning my body – there is another fundamental issue at stake. And that’s the life of the unborn child.”[emphasis added]

Personally, I don’t see what is offensive here at all. And it certainly wasn’t a comparison of cancer and pregnancy as the left is trying to portray it. Any honest person would read what Ken Buck said and find that he was showed the sharp contrast between the two situations while displaying empathy towards both.

The left doesn’t even understand their error because they never stop to consider that “fundamental issue at stake”, which is life. They can’t see the contrast because they can’t, or won’t, see the life.


Ken Buck went through an awful experience battling cancer and had to face the effects of chemotherapy on his body throughout his treatment. His life experience in this should earn him a bit a moral authority on the matter, it surely would if he were making the pro-choice argument.

But those attacking Ken Buck are not honest objective observers. This particular media hit was orchestrated by a long time left wing operative who poses as an objective media critic in Colorado.

If you track the story from its original source to where it is now, you will see a reposting of the same article at various left wing blogs. You will also notice a left wing tax exempt non-profit, dedicated to providing information on reproductive rights, published the political hit piece in full. On the non-profit’s site it lists journalistic ethics standards which it follows, but I can only assume they did this to be ironic.

As for the author of this hit piece, his resume reads just as one would suspect of a committed left wing radical. Jason Salzman, the author, is the former campaign director for Greenpeace, former research associate with the National Resource Defense Foundation, and has written a few books – one on how to get George W. Bush out of office and one on how to help Obama change America. Salzman may also be an ice cream enthusiast of some sort having been a media consultant for Ben and Jerry’s Ben Cohen and co-founding a progressive anti-war advocacy group now known as USAction.

While reactionary liberal media elites will no doubt continue to pounce on Ken Buck for this and insist that he compared pregnancy to cancer, that just isn’t the case. This entire episode is a fabricated outrage moment made to gin up hatred against Ken Buck. It should be ignored for being the left wing propaganda that it is.


As an aside, we must not forget that for years the left has actually compared pregnancy to cancer themselves in arguing for so called women’s reproductive rights. “Nothing but a clump of cells” “A parasite” I could go on and on. The same left that has diminished the idea of life in the womb for the last 40 years is now trying to project that deviousness onto Ken Buck, regardless of what he actually said.

Ken Buck is fighting hard in Colorado and he needs your help to fight these left wing media hit jobs and continue to take the fight to Mark Udall. Already one of his Republican opponents in the primary has seized upon this hit job in an attempt to drag Ken Buck down to her level.

Don’t let Colorado’s entrenched left wing political machine take out Ken Buck.


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