I'm in for $100. What About You?

I’ll put my money where my mouth is. I’m in for $100.00 for Nikki Haley’s campaign. Guys, this is more about us than anyone else. Are we willing to support the candidates who support us?The left will pour money into the campaigns of incumbents and new people who are pledged to fight for them. But will we? Most people don’t think we will. And in Washington, DC we see a whole host of incumbents who don’t think we will stick with our guys so they don’t worry about us. And our guys wonder why we don’t support this.This is a great way to say we have the backs of those who have our backs. I gave $100.00. What will you give?We need to not just bludgeon those who oppose us. We need to embrace, support, and donate to those who are with us. Nikki Haley is with us. Are you with her?



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