Still Barely Works

As we get back up and running from the Thanksgiving Holiday, the deadline for the Obamacare website has come and gone. CNN was able to get it to crash live on national television.


But that’s okay. The Obama Administration got the New York Times to run a full page ad . . . errr . . . they actually called it journalism … claiming that the site is better. They can’t actually claim it is fully operational, but remember their goal before we adjourned for Thanksgiving was just 80%.

Like in so many other areas, the Obama Administration is intent on defining deviancy as normal and failure as success.

The website remains more or less unusable, but conservatives are wrong to fixate on it. The press is going to cheer it on the next few weeks as the 404 errors stay, but with less frequency.

Conservatives need to keep their focus on the law overall. The website is a reflection of a terrible law. The law is causing millions to lose insurance, millions more to pay more for insurance, and the best the Democrats can do is claim it’d work well if the GOP didn’t think nasty thoughts about it.

As we all get back to business today, we must remember the law itself is the problem — not the website. The website they can fix. We must deny them the opportunity to fix the law itself. Let the American people see big government in all its glory. Then offer a repeal.


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