A Test of Your Power and Influence

RedState Readers, there was a time when we could ask you to open your wallets for solid candidates and within hours goals would be met. We did that recently with Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia and you showed just how quickly you could raise money.


But people still think you guys are not as engaged as you once were. So I have a challenge for you this morning — show the world conservatives are not disengaged.

But more importantly, show the world you’ll do what it takes to fund reinforcements for Ted Cruz in the United States Senate.

There are two candidate who need your help. Today is the last day of the fundraising quarter. And we need to show Washington that these are the men we want going to help stand with Ted Cruz.

Will you open your wallet for them today? They need money today.

First is Ken Buck in Colorado. Ken has a strong chance to beat Mark Udall. But he needs money. Ken is the RedState candidate in Colorado and RedState readers need to make their influence known. This is about you guys showing Washington you are in this fight — even against the Republican establishment. Ken will be with you.


The other candidate is rapidly becoming one of my favorite candidates of the cycle. His name is Greg Brannon. He had perhaps the most spectacular performance at this year’s RedState Gathering.


Doctor Brannon would be on the floor standing with Ted Cruz. He is an articulate, genuinely conservative candidate. Dr. Greg Brannon needs a financial commitment from you today.


Friends, RedState is a central hub for the conservative grassroots in America. But we need to show we mean business. We need to show we are serious.

The best way to show our seriousness is to fund these candidates.

Today is the last day of the fundraising cycle. Give today so they can tabulate your contribution on their quarterly FEC report.


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