Liberals Are Upset at Being Exposed and Concede Defeat

Poor Greg Sargent. If it isn’t enough that the DNC has its hand up his posterior controlling him muppet style, he’s all sore over this post of mine pointing out the collaborative nexus between Democrats, liberal groups, and the supposed objective media.


Sargent is convinced —  CONVINCED I tell you — that this is some sort of definitive take down of my post.

Steve Benen, and if you are quoting Steve Benen you are probably losing, cites a long list of conservative pundits who are on television.

See, that’s funny. Because I focused on actual supposed journalists, who are in a difference class from pundits.

Mary Matalin, Karl Rove, Erick Erickson, etc. etc. etc. do not post as objective writers. When Fran Townsend is introduced as an analyst on CNN, she is introduced as someone who worked for George W. Bush. Michael Scherer of Time is not introduced as someone who used to work for very liberal publications.

Richard Stengel posed as an objective member of the mainstream media as editor of Time.

Jay Carney did as Washington Bureau Chief of Time.

Linda Douglass did as an ABC News reporter.

Chuck Todd poses as an objective analyst.

John Harris and Jonathan Allen and Michael Scherer and George Stephanopolous, etc. all act in objective voices.

That Greg Sargent and Steve Benen are so hurt over that post and the best they can do is come up with people who serve as partisan pundits on TV can be taken as their conceding the argument.


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