Ken Buck for Colorado

Ken Buck

“In an age when so many of our political friends get to Washington and stab us in the back, Ken Buck is one who will have our backs.”

When establishment Republicans wish to pretend they were wiser than tea party types in 2010, they’ll mention Sharon Angle, Christine O’Donnell, and Ken Buck as examples of “trust them.” They ignore Marco Rubio, who they opposed. They ignore Mike Lee, who they opposed. They ignore Rand Paul, who they opposed. They ignore Pat Toomey, who they opposed even after Arlen Specter jumped to the Democrats. And to include Ken Buck they must have you ignore all the facts.


It is true that in 2010, conservatives rallied to Ken Buck and the establishment rallied to Jane Norton for the United States Senate fight in Colorado. It is true that Buck lost the general election. But that is where the establishment’s truth ends.

In fact, in 2010, Ken Buck outperformed the Colorado Republicans. The party imploded. It’s gubernatorial candidate was plagued by scandal. A third party candidate bested the GOP in the gubernatorial race. Buck, in his race against Senator Bennett, actually won the self-identified independent voters according to the exit polls. He only lost by two points. The Republican nominee for Governor lost by 40 points.

Ken Buck was dragged down by a party that had imploded, a scandal plagued Republican nominee for Governor who had himself seen the original chosen Republican nominee for Governor forced out due to scandal.

What the establishment does not tell you as well is that the National Republican Senatorial Committee (“NRSC”) threw its weight so fully behind Jane Norton in the primary that it spent money attacking Ken Buck in the primary that it did not have to spend for him in the general. Jim DeMint and his Senate Conservatives Fund had to pour money into the state to help make up the funding the NRSC wasted attacking Buck.

So yes, Ken Buck lost — but only by 2 points in a fantastically horrible year for the GOP in Colorado and he did so while still winning independents and facing the NRSC hit men.

Buck then battled cancer and beat cancer. He has continued on as a Colorado District Attorney. Now he is looking to run again.


I intend to be there for him this time as I was last time. A good bit of the establishment that was against Ken Buck last time recognized how close he came and they are with him too. Conservatives are threatening to divide into many ways in Colorado in 2014. If so, they will lose to an establishment candidate who will not fight against Obamacare.

Ken Buck will fight. He is a fighter. I know Ken Buck personally and I am so proud he’s going to give this another shot. I hope you too will support Ken Buck for Colorado. In an age when so many of our political friends get to Washington and stab us in the back, Ken Buck is one who will have our backs in the United States Senate.

I hope you will join me in having his.


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