The Sad Joke From John Cornyn's Office

John Cornyn says he yanked his name off Mike Lee’s Obamacare defunding letter because Mike Lee’s letter only pertains to partially defunding Obamacare and John Cornyn wants to fully defund it.One might then assume John Cornyn will vote against a continuing resolution unless Obamacare is fully defunded. But no, that’s not what he is doing.John Cornyn has turned into a sad joke and Mike Lee’s letter is important because it is highlighting these punchlines of past their prime politicians who preach, but won’t practice what they preach.John Cornyn has no intention of fighting. Neither does Mitch McConnell. Neither does Lamar Alexander. Neither does Richard Burr. Neither do most of the Republicans. They will send you fundraising appeals telling you to stand with the GOP against Obamacare, please send them money. But when confronted with the challenge of opposing continuing funding of the government if that funding goes to Obamacare, their testicular fortitude runs down their leg and out the door. They rally their usual op-ed voices to call conservative dumb. They preemptively surrender. They behave worse than the French.Mike Lee’s letter exposes this. As Mike Lee said on Sunday, the government is going to get funded. The question is whether Obamacare gets funded with it. John Cornyn, Mitch McConnell, and the rest have preemptively declared to the Democrats and America that yes indeed they will fund Obamacare. But John Cornyn would prefer you look at his sleight of hand instead. He’ll propose legislation, by God!!!!!, to defund Obamacare that will never actually pass the Senate. He’s just not willing to fight.



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