Disrupt Mike Simpson, Support Bryan Smith for Congress

Several months ago, Club for Growth Action, the SuperPAC of the Club for Growth, launched www.PrimaryMyCongressman.com. The purpose of the website was simple: raise public awareness of some of the worst Republicans serving in Congress today. It offered up 10 incumbents and the opportunity for the general public to recommend a primary challenge to them. The fact is most folks hate Congress, but they can’t possibly imagine that a supposed “conservative” like Aaron Schock is voting with big labor to keep Davis-Bacon wages or help the NLRB’s assault on a worker’s right to a secret ballot in union elections. People just don’t know how bad some members of Congress are. They listen to the rhetoric and don’t know the record. Anyway, I’m told the Club got tons of submissions and recommendations for primary challengers, and today they are putting their money where their mouth is and endorsing Bryan Smith for Congress in Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District against one of the worst and most liberal Republicans in Congress today, Mike Simpson. Bryan Smith is a constitutional conservative who fought property tax increases in Idaho Falls and exposed fraud by the city attorney that cost the city thousands of dollars. A practicing lawyer, he’s also written on how John Roberts got the ObamaCare decision flat wrong. Mike Simpson, on the other hand, has an abysmal 58% on the Club for Growth scorecard and his record is atrocious. His page on www.PrirmaryMyCongressman.com tells the whole story.

  • Voted for the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street (RCV #681, 2008)
  • Voted to increase the debt ceiling by $2.1 trillion. (RCV #690, 2011)
  • Voted to keep all of the spending in Obama’s stimulus (RCV #42, 2009)
  • Voted for the “fiscal cliff” deal that raised tax rates and delayed automatic spending cuts (RCV #659, 2012)
  • One of just three Republicans to vote against cutting funding for the liberal group A.C.O.R.N. (RCV #397, 2011)
  • Voted against restricting eminent domain abuse (RCV #350, 2005)
  • Voted for the Obama “Cash for Clunkers” program (RCV #682, 2009)
  • Voted to fund dozens of pork projects like an American Ballet Theatre (RCV #668, 2007), Grape genetics research (RCV #810; 2007), an Exploratorium in San Francisco (RCV #664, 2007), and a Lobster Institute in Maine (RCV #735, 2007)

I’m obviously going to be for Bryan Smith. The choice is clear. I think this might be the first time that a group like the Club has ever solicited and then endorsed a primary challenge to an incumbent over the internet. If that’s the case, then the rest of the squishes on this website better be very afraid. Again — this isn’t some outside group meddling in Idaho affairs. This is the Club for Growth listening to the people of Mike Simpson’s district and going with the choice of conservatives in that district.I’m going with him too and I’m getting him to the RedState Gathering so you can hear Bryan Smith for yourself.


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