No Regrets on Mark Sanford

Today is the day in South Carolina. Mark Sanford vs. Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

I have been one of the few national conservatives to, from the start of the primary to now, support Mark Sanford. Most of my friends, including most of the front page contributors here at RedState, disagreed.


But win or lose, I have no regrets supporting Mark Sanford. The Republican primary voters of South Carolina stood with him. They know where he stands on the issues and they know the skeletons in his closet. Sometimes the fight for freedom and smaller government requires embracing flawed men and women.

Say what you will, but he will vote better than his opponent when in Congress. In fact, he’ll vote better than pretty much any of his primary opponents would have voted. If he loses, his opponent will lose anyway in November given the tilt of the district. If he wins, he will no doubt be re-elected in November.

I’m willing to give Mark Sanford another chance. I have no regrets supporting him come what may tonight. But I sure hope he wins.


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