Welcoming the GOP Back to Town

Last night I flew up to Washington so members of the GOP in Congress could extract their pound of flesh from me for taking them to task this past year. Or something like that.


In all seriousness, every year Eagle Publishing, Inc., our parent company, holds a party to welcome the GOP back to Washington. This year we saw a lot of great folks show up.

The Gingriches were there. Senators Mike Lee, Roy Blunt, and Ron Johnson came by. Rep. Blackburn was there. Congressmen Salmon, Hudson, Gingrey, DeSantis, and so many others came by too. I can’t name them all I’m afraid as there were so many.

AMAC was our sponsor — a great group out to compete with the AARP from the right. It was a good time.

Then I rushed to the airport to get home before the snow hit. Not that it ever hit. Oh well.

Eagle Pub 011

Eagle Pub 010

Eagle Pub 009

Eagle Pub 004

Eagle Pub 003

Eagle Pub 002

Eagle Pub 001

Eagle Pub 008

Eagle Pub 007

Eagle Pub 006

Eagle Pub 005


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