The McConnell Tax Hike

The McConnell Tax Hike will become law of the land. Mitch McConnell can and should take responsibility for it.

The McConnell Tax Hike raises taxes on people making over $400,000.00, but it also raises taxes on the middle class. “More than 80 percent of households with incomes between $50,000 and $200,000 would pay higher taxes.”


Not only does the McConnell Tax Hike stick it to the middle class, it raises taxes $41 for every $1 in spending cuts. Those spending cuts are ephemeral as there is $330 billion in new spending and a $4 trillion price tag over the next ten years.

Both Hollywood and NASCAR get carve outs. So too do wind energy companies.

The Republican Establishment in Washington, DC should be burned to the ground and salt spread on the remains. Republicans who saw Mitch McConnell and John Boehner destroy the last plank of the Republican Party are going to need to look elsewhere for a savior for their party. Boehner and McConnell have declared they will survive. Their party? They don’t really care.

Conservatives must look elsewhere. I do not advocate a third party. I advocate bring fresh blood into the GOP.

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, the two men who will remain the faces of the GOP, have no agenda other than to oppose Barack Obama and accommodate him when they must.


Until Republicans have a new agenda, they will be stuck in the mud. But being stuck in the mud is not a bad place for them. It’ll make Republicans easier targets in 2014 primaries. Conservatives should not be wasting their time thinking of a third party right now. Instead, they should get very organized and very united and make examples of Republicans who wavered.


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