Conservatives Should Kill This Deal

Conservatives within the Republican Conference should kill the compromise plan for the fiscal cliff.For years, squishy folks on both sides and lots of think tankers have told us that we needed a “balanced” approach to solve our debt and deficit problems. A “balanced” approached included both tax increases and spending cuts. In other words, a “balanced” approach looked a lot like the so called fiscal cliff.But today Congress is negotiating away the spending cuts component. Word coming from Capitol Hill is that there will be tax increases, but no spending cuts. They’ll get rid of sequestration.Time and again Congress raises taxes now and says it will cut spending tomorrow.Back in the 2012 Presidential campaign cycle, Republican Presidential candidates were famously asked if they’d accept one dollar of tax increases for ten dollars in spending cuts. They all said they wouldn’t. That has been used to show Republicans were recalcitrant on taxes. They were unreasonable.Only Michele Bachmann bothered to explain that the reason the GOP would not do a 10 to 1 deal is because the GOP had tried several times to do such a deal, but each time the spending got put on the back burner, never to actually be dealt with.Same thing is happening again. They’ll raise taxes, but they will not cut spending. Washington continues to have a spending problem, not a taxing problem. If sequestration happened concurrently, I’d say take this deal. It’s the best of a series of bad options. But without cuts on the table, the GOP should dive off the cliff.Washington will never actually cut real spending unless forced to do so. Sequestration does just that.



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