Just Do It

One of the biggest problems on Capitol Hill these days is that the leaders of both parties are calling all the shots without input from the rest of Congress until the end. Certainly there comes a point when there are too many cooks in the kitchen, but the purpose of the legislature is to legislate and the legislators cannot do their job because of their leaders.


HR8 has been pending before the United States Senate for some time. It purports to solve the fiscal cliff problems from the Republican perspective of the House. Harry Reid should throw it on the floor of the Senate and just let both sides offer up amendments to reshape it.

I suspect if the rest of the Senate and the rest of the House, instead of just the leaders, were to actually legislate we might be surprised with the outcome.

If monkeys can bang out Shakespeare by randomly banging on keyboards, perhaps our legislators can actually legislate competently for once. Random chance might work in America’s favor.

What Harry Reid typically does, and why the GOP so often filibusters, is he limits amendments and then offers up all the amendments so no one else can. It is called “filling the tree.” The GOP did it too when they were in charge. We wouldn’t have so many filibusters if the majority would actually let individual senators offer amendments.


Just do it. Use HR8. Let Congress solve the problem instead of leaders saying stupid crap about each other. If they keep doing the same thing expecting different results, most people would call them crazy. But then that’s what Congress does.

Open it up to everybody. Just do it. Or go off the fiscal cliff. I really don’t care at this point. The leaders on both sides are incapable of negotiating their way out of burning paper bag.


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