Desperate Screams of the Press Clowns

If you ever needed a reminder of how pathetic the cast of clowns who make up the reporters and journalists in the media is, look no further than the David Gregory story and the reaction to it from the press corps. It is a non-story to them. Glenn Thrush, debating this with me on twitter notes, “The more [you] talk about the fake Gregory story the less [you] talk about Newtown. Classic play fake.”But isn’t it directly related? We’ve moved on to begin discussing policy to prevent acts like Newtown happening. David Gregory was engaged in that discussion — the very discussion the press says we must now have.The press has chosen to ignore that Connecticut’s law worked. Adam Lanza could not buy a gun himself. He had to murder his mother and take her guns.Now the media wants to ignore this David Gregory story. The DC Police told NBC News David Gregory could not possess a “high capacity magazine”. It is against the law in the District of Columbia to merely have one.So to advocate for a law to stop future Newtown massacres, David Gregory broke the very law he wants put in place. The only conclusion I can arrive at is the press corps (as I conceded to Glenn Thrush and Dylan Byers, I should use “press” and not “media” given my job) has chosen to use the awful images of the tragedy and the memories of the dead to become advocates for policies. In the process, they are willing to ignore facts and disregard the very laws they want passed on a national scale. It’s irresponsible, but we should expect nothing less from them. I think the press corps, by in large, has decided to embrace bias in this case and will hide behind the tragedy and desire to “just do something” when called out on it.In short, the media will ignore David Gregory broke a law to advocate for the very law he broke because his cohorts think he is on the side of the angels.



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