The Obama Campaign Processed This Donation

Here now is the screenshot of what Barack Obama’s campaign processed as a donation to the campaign. This would not have happened had the Obama campaign taken basic steps to verify credit card information. But, as always, Team Obama relied on someone else to fix their mess — the bank.


Had basic checks been implemented, this donation would have been rejected. Keep in mind that all the information present except the credit card information is completely made up.


Every bit of that information was made up except the actual credit card information.

What you can’t see is that below the employer information, it asked for my passport number. I gave them a string of zeros.

And when I clicked the donate button, I got this:


Within a few minutes and for three days thereafter, my online banking account showed this:


It was thanks to the bank, not Barack Obama’s campaign, that the donation did not go through.

No wonder the Obama campaign is scrambling to shut down this story.


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