I Donated to Barack Obama

The President has come under fire for the shoddy verification processing his campaign does for donations. In light of this Newsweek story about the Illegal-Donor loophole with Team ObamaA while back, among conservatives, it was even a story that he was doing this shoddy credit card verification for overseas donors.So, after talking with some lawyers about the process, etc. I donated to Barack Obama. Sort of.It is rare that I do something where I feel the need to talk to lawyers first. But giving money to Barack Obama was one of those times.I didn’t actually do it. I made up a name, made up a passport number, made up an address in Russia — hell I made everything up except my credit card number and expiration date.Got that?Everything was bull**** except the actual credit card number and expiration date. Everything.Go try that with Target or Amazon or Apple or Mitt Romney’s campaign and see what happens. Here’s a hint: it’d get rejected.When the zip code does not match, it would get rejected.When the name on the card does not match, it will probably get rejected.When nothing matches, it will get rejected.Barack Obama’s campaign processed my very generous $5.00 donation. ThankyoufordonatingFor several days my bank listed it as processing. ObamadonationprocessingThen this is where the anti-climactic end to my story comes. The donation ultimately did not go through after three days of being listed as “processing.” There was no explanation. Had the Obama campaign turned on basic verification, my transaction would have been rejected immediately. Instead, it lingered for a few days before being rejected.I do not know what processes the Obama campaign employs to weed these out. It actually appeared, based on the way it processed for several days, that the bank stopped it, not that Barack Obama stopped it. For the liberals saying my donation did not go through so there should be no problem — here’s the problem. The Obama campaign processed the donation. It was Bank of America that stopped it, not Team Obama. Team Obama let it be processed, something that would not have happened in Romney’s campaign or most any retailer in the nation.I do not know why they chose not to use the credit verification value system (CVV). I am glad, ultimately, that my donation was rejected. But I wonder if I had put in other data that seemed more credible — not a ridiculous fake name, a passport number of just multiple zeros, etc. would it have been rejected? It sure seems the easiest, front line defense to avoid these sorts of transactions — a basic CVV check for credit cards — should be the default setting for campaigns. In Barack Obama’s case, it wasn’t. For pre-paid cards, several people tell me the situation is even worse and the transitions most likely will go through given the security set up of the Obama campaign.This, like his failure to make eye contact with challenges, is just another tell tale sign that something is amiss with Team Obama.



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