The Beginning of the End

Today marks the beginning of the end of Campaign 2012. This week, here in Tampa, Republicans will go through a well scripted event designed to make Mitt Romney their nominee. Democrats will reciprocate next week in Charlotte, NC.The GOP’s convention almost became unscripted with a heavy handed move designed to ensure a coronation and shut out the grassroots from nomination fights. According to press reports, the Romney campaign is in retreat on this issue and the grassroots have won. They should not get complacent.Regardless of that hiccup, the energy in Tampa is much different from 2008.In 2008, the crowd had a lot of energy for Sarah Palin, but little for John McCain. Privately, the crowd would whisper that the odds were against them. Here in Tampa, the crowd is struggling with a feeling of victory. They think they can win. Both sides think they can win, but privately, in real and honest assessments, even the base is capable of a reality check. The reality check in Tampa is that momentum is with the GOP. The Democrats, unable to run against the economy, intend to make the election about the female uterus, not an economic recovery. At 8.3% unemployment, people are much more interested in putting food on their tables than over killing kids.The mood in Tampa is upbeat and not just in public.This is the beginning of the end. We are now in the homestretch for Campaign 2012. Thank God it is almost over.



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