Human Rights Campaign Maintains Family Research Council is a "Hate Group"

I got this email from Fred Sainz, the Vice President for Communications and Marketing at the Human Rights Company:

I have a great deal of admiration for you and like watching you on CNN. These Tweets are beneath you. It’s really unseemly to insinuate — in any way — that HRC had anything to do with the violence that occurred today at FRC. FRC IS a hate group. It’s not HRC that calls them that; it’s the Southern Poverty Law Center that has classified them as such – years ago. Have you seen the things that FRC says about gay people? I think if you did you wouldn’t be so quick to associate yourself with them: I’m more than happy to have a dialogue with you on the issue but would ask that you not make irresponsible connections that are completely illogical.


He is referencing several tweets I made noting that just yesterday the Human Rights Campaign called Family Research Council a “hate group.” (See here and here)I noted that if a gunman had entered the Human Rights Campaign’s offices a day after being labeled a “hate group” by a conservative organization, the media would be denouncing the conservative group as inciting the shooting and spend a week on homophobia, etc.To be clear, I do not think the Human Rights Campaign incited the shooter. I generally don’t think conservative or liberal groups incite violence — the crazy does it all on its own.But I have absolutely no doubt that the media would engage in handwringing had the situation been reversed.I would also note the Human Rights Campaign is doubling down today on calling the Family Research Council a “hate group.” They might as well label mainstream (not mainline) Christianity a hate group as Family Research Council does nothing more than reflect the orthodox tenets of Christian faith.I’d also note that the Southern Poverty Law Center long ago stopped being a useful organization for anyone other than the left with only rare exception, but gives cover to the media and the left to label many conservative groups that are well within the mainstream as hate groups. That’s not to say the Southern Poverty Law Center does not accurately label some groups as hate groups, but it paints with too broad a brush.Oh, and Tony Perkins and Pete Sprigg are friends.



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