The Con$ultant Cla$$

A few weeks ago I wrote this about the GOP’s consultant class:

can I just say what a bunch of charlatans and grifters most GOP consultants are. We have all these GOP Super PACs sucking up millions and millions of dollars to help Mitt Romney and now in the summer lull? Nothing. But I bet some consultants are getting rich. It’s like the GOP consultant class learned all the wrong lessons from Bob Shrum.


I await the GOP getting Brian Terry’s family on film to respond to the ridiculous Priorities USA advertisement that Romney killed some guy’s wife.In the meantime, the GOP Super PAC ads continue to be mostly forgettable while the Super PAC’s themselves continue to raid the pockets of GOP multi-millionaires.Now add two more data points.David Dewhurst of Texas spent $25 million of his own money to lose badly to an upstart named Ted Cruz who only a year ago was polling at 3% in the polls. It was reminiscent of Charlie Crist’s collapse.Last night in Missouri, Todd Akin, a man with a congressional record with much to go after, beat John Brunner. Brunner spent $8 million.Note to GOP multi-millionaires: when consultants are circling you, plying you with compliments, and telling you how awesome you are, understand that what is going on is that you are roadkill and they are vultures. They will pick your carcass clean.Also, the rest of us should understand that Democrat multi-millionaires seem to do quite well in electoral politics. What’s the difference? More often than not, they are running because they believe in a cause. Most Republican multi-millionaires seem to run because they believe in themselves.Causes always translate better with voters than egos do.




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