Under the Radar: Erin DeLullo

The first time I met Ken Cuccinelli it was because of the persistence of a lady named Erin DeLullo. She would not leave me alone. She, a long time friend and wife of the Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis (he’d totally write about her if he hadn’t put a ring on her finger then got her pregnant. After marriage of course), found out I was headed to Washington, D.C. and insisted on picking me up at the airport and driving me to a coffee shop to meet a guy whose last name I could neither really pronounce or spell.She had the audacity to tell me he would be Virginia’s Attorney General. Within five minutes I was sold. But she would not let up. Saying I was on board was not enough. She wanted me all in. I couldn’t say no. I’m glad I did go all in.Time and again Erin has unearthed gems and helped them fundraise their way into office. When Erin tenaciously insists I meet a candidate, I know immediately they are pro-life and they’ve convinced her they actually will cut the size of government. One of the funniest and admirable things about Erin is she is not afraid to ditch a candidate the moment they go wobbly on life or reducing the size of government. She sticks to her guns. I respect and like that.Tonight, Ted Cruz won in Texas. I’ll have more to say about that in the morning. There are many people who deserve credit for his win. John Drogin did a remarkable, level headed job. I have many friends involved in that race. Erin DeLullo will not get a lot of credit. She rarely does. She’s one of those people in the background who works hard for the candidate and cause, not the credit. But I want to take a minute and give her some credit for sticking with Ted. He’s another solid pick in a long list of solid picks on Erin’s roster of clients.Well done.




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