Karen Handel Will Be At the RedState Gathering. Will You?

Karen Handel was the second candidate, behind Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, to get a RedState endorsement in 2009 at our first RedState Gathering.This year, she will join us in Jacksonville. Karen was the Secretary of State of Georgia before running for Governor of that state. She didn’t make it in that race, but went on to the Susan G. Komen Foundation where she led the fight to end Komen funding Planned Parenthood.Karen, who had been attacked in the gubernatorial race as not sufficiently pro-life, was willing to lose her job at Komen over funding Planned Parenthood.At this year’s RedState Gathering, we’ll hear from her and honor her hard work. Time is almost out. Go to www.redstategathering.com to register. I hope to see you there. The event will be in Jacksonville, FL on August 2nd through the 5th.



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