Weston Wamp and Scottie Mayfield

In the battle to pick off Chuck Fleischman in Tennessee, the other day I referenced Scottie Mayfield. I had forgotten that Weston Wamp was in there as well.Several people have made sure to oppo dump on Scottie Mayfield, but I find it irrelevant as I’m happy to spend 2014 defeating him too.The point is that Chuck Fleischman needs to be beaten. And Republicans in his district need to rally behind either Weston Wamp or Scottie Mayfield. Whoever seems to have the momentum is the guy I’d go with.My concern with Weston Wamp, though, is that he is former Congressman Zack Wamp’s son. Former Congressman Wamp wasn’t exactly a conservative standard bearer, but even he was better than Fleischman.And in two years we can beat them if they have a voting record like Chuck Fleischman.




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