In Which @MoeLane Wins the Internets

As the Editor of RedState, today I stand proud of one of our front page contributors. If you can handle salty language, please, please go feast on these tears all inspired by our very own Mr. Moe Lane.Oh, and after you are done feasting on those tears, make your way to the comments where you’ll get gems like this one:


Moe Lane is a special kind of a**hole. He is perhaps the smuggest political commentator I have ever read.This is the kind of person we are up against. They aren’t happy so much about winning, they are happy because others feel bad. They aren’t happy because they got what they want, they are happy because YOU didn’t. They aren’t about making the world a better place for others, they are about making it better for themselves. They believe in tearing people down, for their own amusement.


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