Whether It's Deb Fischer or Don Stenberg, It's About Jon Bruning

I like Don Stenberg. He’s a friend. He’s been a great leader in Nebraska. I’d like to see him in the Senate. But over the past month, as Stenberg and Bruning have gone nuclear with each other, Deb Fischer has run up the middle and may very well win the Nebraska Primary today.I’d gladly support her.It seems that in the withering back and forth fight with Bruning, Stenberg has lost momentum. Sarah Palin came in and endorsed Deb Fischer. Several anti-earmark groups joined in. And she is in a prime position today to win.The Nebraska race has always been about beating Jon Bruning. He got rich in office, has a volatile temper, and sure evolved into a conservative quickly when he wanted his next office. If it can’t be Stenberg, I hope it will be Fischer.I don’t think Fischer will be as conservative as Stenberg, but given the pedigree of Nebraska Senators, she’ll be far better than either a Chuck Hagel or a Jon Brunning. And Fischer, unlike Bruning, would never, ever support Eric Holder.



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