Eric Cantor Doesn't Want You. He Wants Democrats.

ImagesThis is more offensive than Cantor throwing his weight behind Adam Kinzinger’s re-election bid against Don Manzullo. He was successful there, but we need to shut him down in Indiana.The Republican Leader in the House of Representatives is not backing down from trying to drive up Democrat turnout in the Indiana Republican Primary.First, you have to wonder why a House guy is getting involved in a Senate race.Second, you have to wonder why a Republican Leader is using Republican donors’ money to drive up Democrat turnout in a Republican race.I wonder if the Republican donors to the Young Guns Network know their campaign donations to a Republican group are going to aid and abet Democrat turnout in a Republican race. And I hope House conservatives know their own supposedly leader is not just using their own money to pick and choose between them in the House, but to also help Barack Obama’s favorite Senator.



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