Morning Briefing for April 25, 2012

RedState Morning Briefing
April 25, 2012

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1. The Second Coming of American Liberal Fascism?

During the Bush years, Bush was often compared to Hitler or Mussolini,. The focus of the attacks had to do with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and angst over the supposed erosion of civil liberties due to warrantless wiretaps, among other things. There was a lot of hyperbole. Bush was a monkey, a Nazi, a Fascist, the devil’s spawn. The hyperbole became so hysterical some conservatives jokingly took to calling President Bush “Chimpy McBushHitler Halliburton.” Many on the right go too far in attacking the motives of President Obama in the same way the left attacked Bush. It is neither rational nor sane.President Obama is, unlike President Bush, a progressive, but he is not a fascist.One must be careful to say such things clearly these days lest the outrage pimps on the left try to drum up outrage on less than clear precision of word choice. President Obama does however, like President Woodrow Wilson, seek to harness the power of the state for the collective good of the American people, even at the expense of the individual. Many on the right view it as a European style socialist tendency because he does so in the name of fairness and believes the government should decide what each citizen’s fair share is. Consider President Obama’s recent speeches on the free market and individualism and compare them to Woodrow Wilson saying, “American is not now and cannot in the future be a place for unrestricted individual enterprise.”“Reasonable” people do not often talk of fascism in the modern American state, but fascist tendencies from an earlier time in American history, properly understood, are rearing up among progressives again as President Obama amps up his heated rhetoric against free enterprise, conservatives, and the wealthy. While President Obama is not a part of what it happening, it is clear progressives, inspired by his agenda, have taken matters into their own hands to extremes we have not seen for a hundred years.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. Obama Campaign: That Mitt Romney Comes From A Strange Family

Last week we pointed out the Obama re-election strategy of criticizing his wealth and religion.After two false starts, one castigating Ann Romney for her decision to be a stay at home Mom — part of their War on Women theme — and another calling into question the reason there is a dog in the White House, one would think that the White House might try to refine their strategy a bit. But the White House is nothing if not consistent.On Friday they dispatched the hapless Governor Brian Schweitzer (D-MT) to The Daily Beast reprise the War on Women attack and to criticize Romney’s religion.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Romney explains Obama’s ‘all of the above’ energy policy

Speaking at Consol Energy’s Research and Development Facility in South Park Township, Pennsylvania the day before that state’s presidential primary, Mitt Romney took on President Obama’s energy policies, blaming them for increasing energy prices.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Vast Right Wing Reign Of Terror (VRWROT)

Because the Dems no longer maintain their super-majority in both chambers of Congress, the President isn’t getting everything rubber stamped and rammed through. This means, according to David Axelrod, that the conservative Republicans are imposing a “reign of terror” on all those Republicans that want to go back to rubber stamping Obama’s agenda.Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. Arizona Gets its Day in Court

Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution (the Guarantee Clause) directs the federal government to guarantee the states protection from invasion. Yet, in the case of Arizona, which has been disproportionately effected by the invasion of illegal aliens and drug cartels, the Obama administration has guaranteed them nothing but lawsuits.In April 2010, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed SB 1070, a bill designed to curb illegal immigration, into law. Among other things, this law (section 2) requires police officers who were already apprehending suspects for other crimes to check with federal authorities whether that individual is in the country legally. That inquiry can be made only if there is a reasonable suspicion that the suspect is an illegal alien.Instead of working in concert with Arizona to protect its citizens from border-related violence, as prescribed by numerous laws of Congress, the Obama administration filed a lawsuit against Arizona in federal court. Most egregiously, that lawsuit was first announced by Hillary Clinton while she was overseas. The administration basically argued that states are preempted from enforcing immigration laws, and because the Obama administration has decided not to enforce those laws, Arizona was supplanting federal authority. The Obama Justice Department has also filed lawsuits against several other states that have passed similar legislation last year.Please click here for the rest of the post.



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