Hate Mail From a PBS/LA School District Employee

He’s a Producer/Director for KLCS-TV/DT, The Education Station. We know because he used his work address.

From: [email protected]
Subject: Congratulations!
Date: April 3, 2012 4:18:44 PM EDT
To: [email protected]

Congratulations, Gentlemen! (We know that no decent woman would be caught dead in your offices. Right on!) Your site has won the coveted Most Bigoted , Misogynist & Racist Website on the Entire Internet Award! What a tremendous accomplishment! And you certainly could not have done it without all the many dark and vicious comments from knucklehead commenters on your site who hail from over the southern, former slave state, portion of this great nation! This singular recognition means you will go down in history as the most intolerant, evil, and backward website ever run by wing nuts who could speak in complete sentences! Keep up the bad work and you will definitely wind up never having any effect at all, none at all, on any issue in our wonderful country! Why? Because as us regular Americans learn more about just how base and moronic your 1% ideas and greedy plans truly are, they will continue to turn their backs on you “republics” in droves!~ Wave bye-bye to the Independent vote and the Hispanic vote, although they may bow to your blustery hatred of emigrants, they will most certainly not vote for your candidate! Even if you pick a Hispanic VP. They’ll see right through that, plus Cubans are different from the rest of the Hispanic world, but you would not know any thing at all about a subtlety like that or you wouldn’t win this wonderful award!! No way, Jose! : )Please send $2000 for your trophy and certificate which depicts a lynching from the good old days!



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