Attention Members of the Gang of 500

I really continue to be stunned by the number of reporters I interact with on a daily basis who really have no idea what conservatives are thinking, reading, etc.I’m always happy to answer those questions. Many of those questions, particularly from print reporters (sorry guys), really seem to start from the premise that conservatives are not thinking about particular topics. Even worse, many reporters regardless of media, seem to think conservatives only thing about things in one way.One of the great things about the Morning Briefing is that it is not just directed at conservative activists and talk radio, but also at the large number of reporters who read it to get a sense of what conservatives are talking about. But the Morning Briefing really is from the viewpoint of conservative activists.Reporters also need a conservative public policy perspective.


And for that, I really do encourage reporters out there to get The Transom by Ben Domenech. It’s $20.00 well spent to give you a greater perspective on conservative views.I was talking to a reporter the other day about Republican tax policy. He’s a brilliant reporter frequently on the news and in print publications. I was stunned by how shallow his understanding of Republican tax policy is. “You can’t cut taxes forever,” he said as if his singular understanding of Republican tax policy came from reading right-wing stereotypes on left-wing blogs.I paid for his subscription to The Transom. I can’t afford to do it for everyone. But you guys really need to read it if you want an accurate “whole health” view of what conservatives are thinking and talking about from a policy perspective.


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