Help Ted Cruz in Texas Repeal ObamaCare

As the nation marks today’s ominous two-year anniversary of Obamacare, we should focus on how we fully repeal it. One place to look closely is the U.S. Senate race in Texas. Ted Cruz, the conservative in the race, has been consistent and tough on the issue from the beginning. He needs our help today.The fight against Obamacare, Cruz says, “presents an historic opportunity to stop this Administration’s relentless drive towards European-style socialism” and a “vital opportunity to defend freedom.””The arguments that the Obama Administration is making in support of the individual mandate, at bottom, would allow Congress to do anything. Congress could order Americans to buy anything, not to buy anything, or to do anything it wished. Few things could be more destructive to our liberty.”Now, Cruz has launched a fundraising drive tied to repeal. The “ObamaCare Repeal Bomb” to raise $100,000 will help Ted against his chief opponent, the self funding multi-millionaire and moderate establishment pick, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst. Dewhurst talks a big game about repeal, but his track record would suggest otherwise. For example, Dewhurst thanked the Obama administration for the stimulus money and killed the anti-TSA groping bill after pressure from the White House. If his halting attack on Obamacare isn’t surprising, it’s because deep down, Dewhurst simply doesn’t appear able to commit to fighting for conservative principles.This election is a chance for Texans to stand up and show that they will not let Obamacare stand, and they will unite to elect a new Senator who is committed to defeating the Obama agenda.Please contribute to Ted’s Repeal Bomb and do everything you can to support him today.



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