Did a Former Nancy Pelosi Aide Screw Up the Komen Decision? Ogilvy Public Relations Should Explain.

Judd Legum at Think Progress did what appears to be a pre-emptive strike against former Bush White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer claiming that Fleisher was “secretly involved” in the Susan G. Komen Foundations‘ strategy on planned parenthood.


In fact, according to people I’ve spoken to who are aware of the decision making processes at Komen, Fleischer had nothing to do with Komen’s strategy or decision on this matter. I use the word “pre-emptive” because it seems Think Progress and the left wanted to get this out there quickly, damn the facts, to distract from Brendan Daly.

Brandon Daly is Nancy Pelosi’s former press secretary. He now works at Ogilvy Public Relations.

According to people close to the Komen Foundation I’ve spoken to, it was not Fleischer who was involved in the strategy and PR related to the Planned Parenthood decision, but rather Nancy Pelosi’s former press secretary and Ogilvy Public Relations executive Brendan Daly.

Think Progress seemingly wanted to jump the gun and blame a Republican for a disastrous PR strategy when it was not just any Democrat, but one tied to Nancy Pelosi, who was quick out of the gate condemning the Komen Foundation.

Maybe Komen should have gone with Edelman instead.


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