In Conclusion

I have made known my thoughts and objections to the various candidates in the field. I have come to accept that the ones I think would be best are the ones running the most perplexing campaigns. I think we will wind up with Willard Mitt Romney as the nominee.I see a path to victory for Rick Perry. I don’t see him taking it. I see a path to victory for Newt Gingrich. I see him taking it so zealously that it winds up hurting him.I see a path to victory for Jon Huntsman if he makes it out of New Hampshire with a respectable showing and I’d rather him than Romney or Santorum.Ironically, I do not see a path to victory for Rick Santorum. He made the Illinois ballot, but without a full slate of delegates, and I think he doesn’t have the ability to build out as it took so long for him to rise.I see the clearest path for Mitt Romney and barring him underperforming in New Hampshire, I suspect he could sweep the races.I am as excited as a fly flying through a frog filled swamp.But ultimately there is this — Barack Obama is worse than even Jimmy Carter in that Obama, in addition to being an economic menace, peddles a brand of liberal social politics that even Jimmy Carter dared not peddle. Should he win re-election, Barack Obama might have the opportunity to fill more seats on the Supreme Court including, potentially, Antonin Scalia’s and Anthony Kennedy’s seats.We cannot let that happen.The regulatory regime an Obama second term would unleash, no longer restrained by the fear of electoral defeat, would be economically destructive to the free market and the middle class.Any and all of the Republican candidates would be better than Barack Obama. We have an obligation to support the nominee whoever it may be.I just hope the voters choose wisely. As for me, in focusing on Campaign 2012 for President, I have neglected the fight against SOPA, the fight to election conservatives to the House and Senate, and the on going battles at the state level. It’s time to refocus a bit on those and let this primary season where good friends are at each others throats over the nominees sort the season out. I will have to necessarily chime in on Presidential politics, but don’t want it to be as all consuming as it has been.