Happy New Year

As we kick off this new year, let me just take a moment and thank all the front page contributors for their hard work this past year. We had the best RedState Gathering so far. Our traffic has been terrific. And I really get a lot of undeserved credit based on the hard work of all the other front page writers who also work diligently to keep me grounded.This year at RedState I’m actually going to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a while — no more traveling to speak. I’ve got a couple of engagement I’ve previously accepted, but no more. I’m going to be traveling enough as is for CNN, RedState, and WSB. I need to spend more time focusing on RedState, radio, and television and less on giving speeches.Today I’m heading to Iowa. I’ll be in New Hampshire next week, then Texas, then South Carolina, then Florida. You may not realize it, but when I travel the front page writers pick up a whole lot of slack and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate them and have been blessed by them.And we have, in turn, been blessed by the friendship of so many of you. I really do thank you.I’ve staked out an unusual ground this year in Presidential politics in not endorsing any candidate and instead trying to, as objectively as possible, highlight the warts of all of them so you can make your most informed decision. But a lot of the front page writers and a lot of you have decided to support one candidate or another.I cannot wait until the end of the primary season when we have a candidate and we all unite to go fight the Democrats and take back the White House.In the meantime, we’ll keep on keeping on here and we thank you for your friendship and readership and we wish you a very blessed and happy New Year.Lastly, let me make one recommendation to you. I have, though only sporadically, enjoyed the ESV Bible website’s daily Bible reading.If you don’t have a daily Bible reading, please join me in going here once a day for a regular reading of the Bible. If you go each day for 2012, you’ll make your way through the Old Testament and New Testament once each and the Psalms twice. It’s really worth it and comports with the only New Year’s Resolution I am making — spending more time in the Word, if only as a good distraction from the daily world of politics.All the best and Happy New Year,Erick



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