For All of Santorum's Traditionalism Rhetoric

Universal Health Services, on whose board he sat until he left in June of this year, runs a PRIDE Institute in Minnesota. It’s the “nation’s first and leading provider of mental health service to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community.”Ironically, given Santorum’s strong comments on “homosexual acts,” according to the PRIDE Institute, its exclusive focus on the gay community is necessary because “the society in which we live marginalizes the LGBT community” with “negative covert and overt messages about the gay and lesbian lifestyle.” In fact, the PRIDE Institute brands the kind of language Santorum used “heterorsexism.” We shouldn’t however, hold it against Santorum. Often when principle and paycheck come in conflict, paycheck wins. Principle does not always feed a family. A whole lot of people have the same thing happen.



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