Please Shut Up With Your Incessant Whining

Please shut up. Just stop.I am so damn tired of getting whining little tweets and angry emails from people because I’ve dared to say something they perceive as an attack on their candidate. Sometimes I get those just for — horror of horrors — pointing out their actual voting record. Yes, in fact, Mitt Romney did say he supported abortion rights by saying his mother did and yes his wife did give money to Planned Parenthood. Deal with it.OMG THE HORROR!!!!Shut up.Seriously.The supporters of the various candidates for President are under some deluded notion that the way you win a primary is to focus on the Democrat. While it is true that the candidates must focus on the Democrat, the way you actually win the primary is to also convince voters you are the best guy to beat the Democrat. The way you accomplish that is typically to show just how seriously defective the other guys are by trolling their record and various skeletons in their closet. You may not like it, but since the Federalists first pointed out Thomas Jefferson might have an illegitimate black child, that’s kind of been the way things have worked around here.

Lately, the Romney supporters have been most unhinged. How dare I point out that Mitt Romney called himself a progressive. That must make me an anti-Mormon bigot. No, it makes me an anti-opportunist bigot. If you really think someone’s dislike of Mitt Romney comes from hating Mormons, you are probably a moron.How dare I point out that Newt Gingrich really is not the conservative so many are suddenly convinced he is!!! Well, the truth hurts.How dare I point out Rick Perry has yet to prove he won’t trip over the nearest polysyllabic world . . . errr . . . word. OMG how dare you!!!Folks, if you cannot handle me or anyone else daring to be critical of the various candidates and you cannot handle someone discussing the various candidates’ actual, factual records, you might as well go hold up in a cave somewhere until December of 2012, because your heart will not be able to take what the hell the Democrats will unleash on the chosen nominee. Nothing anyone has said so far about any of the candidates will compare to the unmitigated hell and lies the Democrats will unleash.And if you think raising criticisms, records, and weaknesses now somehow will feed the Democrats, you are a naive fool who has never heard of opposition research. What we know, they know. What we don’t use, they will.So go put on your big boy pants, sit back, and suck it up for the next few weeks. And if you can’t, please just shut up.