Barack Obama's Fun With Pronouns

By now you’ve probably heard about Barack Obama’s interview with Jake Tapper where he says, “I believe all the choices we’ve made have been the right ones.”I want to focus on something else that I think gets to the heart of the matter. It’s Barack Obama’s fun use of the pronoun “it,” as in the economy. He tells Tapper, “The economy is not where it wants to be.”Since when did the economy have an opinion on where it wants to be? When did we anthropormophize the economic? Does Walt Disney know about this? Maybe we should put this economy in the Hall of Presidents or something and let it speak for itself.”I want to be bigger,” said Mr. Economy.Nooooooo. This is the President giving away the game. Barry O thinks, like with the physician, the economy should heal itself. The economy does not want anything. People want jobs. Investors want growth. The economy Does. Not. Want.Barack Obama has become so detached from his own destructive policies, he is having to anthropormophize the freaking economy and give it wants and desires so he can just blame it. It’s just not living up to what it wants.The question is “where does Barack Obama want the economy to be?” But were we to ask that question and get an answer, the next question would be, “why is it not there then?” And Obama would blame the Republicans, but he would then have to ignore his first stimulus and two years of Democrat control of both Congress and the White House.



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