Does the Wall Street Journal Have An Ethics Problem With Charles Dameron?

The Orcs at the Wall Street Journal were for TARP and all sorts of corporatist intervention before they even started calling tea party activists “hobbits.” I love the Wall Street Journal, and the Editorial Page, but for all their laments about conservative activists going off the reservation, they frequently stand on the wrong side of government intervention into corporate America. But, to be fair, they are the Wall Street Journal and have the interests of Wall Street in mind, not Main Street.All that said, it was no surprise to see a big hit come out against Rick Perry the day he announced in Charleston, South Carolina. The piece was written by Charles Dameron, a “Robert L. Bartley Fellow”, which is a fancy way of saying intern.What the Wall Street Journal fails to mention about Mr. Dameron is that he worked for Kay Baily Hutchison in her campaign for governor against Rick Perry in her Senate Office as an intern. He is the quintessential tweedy Republican establishmentarian who thought it was KBH’s turn and the more grassrootsy Perry needed to go.When Mr. Dameron writes about Mr. Perry, shouldn’t we be told by the Journal that his spin on the facts might be clouded by the fact that Mr. Dameron is an intern by virtue of his former job being one of the few jobs Rick Perry killed instead of saved?By the way, if you want the definitive takedown on Mr. Dameron’s campaign hit job on Perry, you must read Chuck DeVore’s response.*Mr. Dameron reached out and said he did not work on KBH’s campaign. He interned in her office.

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